Board and Staff Listing

Flynn Center Staff Officers

Flynn Center Staff Members


House Managers

Anna Deller, Chuck Ginsburg, Penny Klein, Julie Cohen Sloma, Jane Stickney


Box Office Staff

Michele Altadonna, Jenna Giguere, Andrew Peryer, Dean Pratt, Ben Resnik, Perry Rianhard








  • Chelsea Lafayette - Managing Director
  • Position to be filled - Marketing and Development Manager

Flynn Center Board Officers

  • Sara Byers - Chair
  • Eric Flegenheimer  - Vice Chair
  • Leigh Keyser Phillips - Secretary
  • Thomas S. Leavitt - Treasurer

Flynn Center Board Members

  • Peter M. Bernhardt
    John P. Bossange
    Hal Colston
    Clarence E. Davis
    Staige Davis
    Chiuho Duval
    Sandra K. Enman
    Peter S. Erly
    Linda Barth Goldstein
    Wanda Heading-Grant
    Justin M. Heilenbach
    Greg Kelly
    Joel Klein
    Fred "Chico" Lager
    Mark A. Langan
    Debra G.B. Leonard
    Eli Lesser-Goldsmith
    Aida Reed Luce
    Nancy J. McClellan
    Erika D. Senft Miller
    Rich Nadworny
    Rich Price
    Michael K. Smith
    Fran Rathke
    David Stever
    Joan A. Sylvester
    Frances Tobin

Trustees Emeritus

  • Brianne E. Chase
    Robert F. Cooper
  • Bari Dreissigacker
  • Heather Dwight
  • James Foster
  • Virginia Golodetz
  • John Gravel
  • Walter Levering
    Bonnie Reid Martin
  • Robert E. Miller
  • Remo Pizzagalli
  • Ernest Pomerleau
  • Del K. Sheldon
  • Amy E. Tarrant
  • Elizabeth Woods

Honorary Trustees

  • John and Mary Abele
  • Bill and Debra Lopez Gottesman
  • Lois McClure
  • Patrick Robins and Lisa Schamberg
  • Katharine and Charles Tipper

Board and Community Committees

Directors & Governance Committee

  • Leigh Phillips - Chair
  • Sara Byers
  • Staige Davis
  • Wanda Heading-Grant
  • Joan Sylvester
  • Staff: Gina Haddock, John R. Killacky

Buildings & Grounds Committee

  • Brianne E. Chase - Chair
  • Peter Bernhardt
  • Greg Kelly
  • Chico Lager
  • Non-Board/Community Members: Larry Dean, Bill Moore, Anne Connell
  • Staff: Jack Galt, John R. Killacky, Diana Petrovs, Gary Lemieux
  • Ad-Hoc Property Task Force: Bobby Miller, Jim Foster, Ernie Pomerleau

Development Committee

  • Nancy McClellan - Chair
  • Brianne E. Chase
  • Staige Davis
  • Chiuho Duval
  • Eric Flegenheimer
  • Linda Goldstein
  • Aida Luce
  • Joan Sylvester
  • Staff: Gina Haddock, Brennan J. Neill, John R. Killacky

Planned Giving Subcommittee

  • Mark Langan - Chair
  • Brianne E. Chase
  • Sandy Enman
  • Leigh Phillips
  • Non-Board/Community Members: Pat and Ray Harwick, Sandy Jacobs
  • Staff: Gina Haddock, John R. Killacky

Executive Committee (As per Current By-Laws)

  • Sara Byers (Board Chair)
  • Eric Flegenheimer (Vice Chair)
  • Leigh Phillips (Board Secretary)
  • David O'Neal (Board Treasurer)
  • Peter Bernhardt (Immediate Past Chair)

Finance Committee

  • David O'Neal - Chair
  • Sandy Enman
  • Chico Lager
  • Mark Langan
  • Tom Leavitt
  • Non-Board/Community Members: Paul Plunkett, Randy Rowland
  • Staff: Diana Petrovs, Carol Goodrum, John R. Killacky

Audit Committee

  • Mike Smith - Chair
  • Sandy Enman
  • Chico Lager
  • Staff: Diana Petrovs, John R. Killacky

Human Resources Committee

  • Fran Tobin - Chair
  • John Bossange
  • Aida Luce
  • Non-Board/Community Members: Dean Haller
  • Staff: Sarah Venuti Yates, Diana Petrovs, John R. Killacky

Marketing/Brand Committee

  • Chico Lager - Chair
  • Sara Byers
  • Clarence Davis
  • Tom Leavitt
  • Rich Nadworny
  • Rich Price
  • Dave Stever
  • Lynn M. Vallee
  • Non-Board/Community Members: Eli Lesser-Goldsmith, Bill Whitman
  • Staff: Kevin Titterton, John R. Killacky, Gina Haddock, Brennan J. Neill, Steve MacQueen, Christina Weakland

Education Advisory Committee

  • John Bossange - Chair
  • Erika Senft Miller
  • Joan Sylvester
  • Non-Board/Community Members: Annamarie Cioffari, Gina Fearn, Val Gardner, Jill Kelley, Kathi Kiernan, Kristin King, Lynda McIntyre, Vicky Smith
  • Staff: Christina Weakland, Stacy Raphael, Suzanne Lowell, John R. Killacky, Gina Haddock

Programming Advisory Committee

  • Eric Flegenheimer - Chair
  • Brianne E. Chase
  • Linda Goldstein
  • Joel Klein
  • Nancy McClellan
  • Rich Price
  • Erika Senft Miller
  • Staige David
  • Non-Board/Community Members: Celia Asbell, Tom Ayres, Rebecca Brooks, Judy Chalmer, Lisa Condon, Bert Crosby, Bill Ellis, David Gladstone, Leslie Holman, Susan Hong, Walt Levering, David Means, Muffie Milens, Barry Snyder, Jay Strausser, Martha-Ming Whitfield, Beth Wood
  • Staff: Steve MacQueen, John R. Killacky, Kevin Titterton, Gina Haddock, Madeline Bell

Burlington Discover Jazz Festival Advisory Board

  • David O'Neal
  • Non-Board/Community Members
  • Marc Sherman - Chair
  • David Pocius - Vice Chair
  • David Beckett, Lee Bouyea, Becky Cassidy, Reuben Jackson, Doreen Kraft, Steffen Parker, Jeffrey Phillips, George Thomas, Mort Wasserman
  • Staff: Linda Little, Chelsea Lafayette, Steve MacQueen, John R. Killacky

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