Teacher Workshops

Teacher Workshops

“I really appreciate not just the techniques you taught, but the meta-cognition that you shared with us as you taught us, and the manageability of the work. It was so, so, so fun and easy. What brilliant work you do!”

- Susan Stewart , 3-4 grade teacher, Williston Central School

2014-2015 Teacher Workshops

Regularly, the Flynn offers special workshops for teachers. If any are currently open for registration, they will be listed below. Since 2004, the Flynn Center has partnered with the Champlain Valley Educator Development Center to offer professional development workshops in the performing arts for teachers in Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle counties. Open to all teachers, regardless of school location, these workshops are led by visiting artists performing at the Flynn, teaching artists on the Kennedy Center roster, and Flynn Center teaching artists. They are held in either local schools or in Flynn studios. A letter certifying attendance and outlining areas of applicability is provided to each workshop participant. For info about a year-long graduate course open to participants to take for no credits, see Graduate Courses.

Flynn CenterNovember 19, 2014 8:00am-3:00pm 

Led by Vermont Educators and Flynn Teaching Artists

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6th annual full-day conference of nine workshops highlighting model integrated arts lessons. Designed for teachers of primary, intermediate, and middle school grades. Three different workshops will be led by classroom teachers and Flynn teaching artists of integrated lessons they created together and found especially successful with students.  We will have a featured keynote presenter, to be announced shortly.


8-8:30                    Registration; Resources; Bagels with Tea and Coffee                      

8:30- 9:25             Welcome and introduction; Keynote presentation


Note on Workshops:  When you register, you will be asked to sign up for workshops in each time slot.  The subjects listed are intentionally broad because the techniques to be demonstrated can be easily applied to many topics within that content area.  In fact, time will be set aside in each workshop to brainstorm other topics to address with the presented techniques.  The grade ranges listed in parentheses indicate that we have used the workshop’s techniques with those ages. Teachers of any grade level are invited to whatever workshops they wish.

9:30-10:45            Workshop A: (choose one of the following)

A1) History and Theater led by Joe Restighini, principal, North Hero School, and Joan Robinson, Flynn Center (Primary – Secondary)  

A2)  Personal Timeline and Theater led by Kilie Demar, grade 2 teacher, Bakersfield Elementary and Middle School, and Susanna Olson (Primary–Intermediate)

A3) Reading and Dance led by Beth Evans, ELL teacher, Burlington High School, and Lida Winfield, Flynn Center (Primary—Secondary)


11-12:15                Workshop B: (choose one of the following)


B1) Writing, Social Studies and Theater led by Susanna Olson, Flynn Center, inspired by work with Brent Sclafani, grade 4, Champlain Elementary School (Intermediate--Middle)

B2) Humanities and Dance led by Lindsey Halman, grade 7 and 8 teacher, Edge Academy at Essex Middle School, and Lida Winfield, Flynn Center  (Intermediate – Secondary)

B3) Math and Theater led by Lynda Siegel, STEP teacher (ELL), Integrated Arts Academy, and Joan Robinson, Flynn Center (Primary – Intermediate)


12:15-1:15           Lunch in the Lobby (provided); Resources

1:15 – 2:30           Workshop C: (choose one of the following)


C1) Math and Dance led by Beth Bloomberg, grade 2 teacher, JJ Flynn Elementary, and Lida Winfield, Flynn Center (Primary – Intermediate)  

C2) Reading Nonfiction Text and Theater led by Liz Greenberg, grade 5-6 teacher, Robinson Elementary School, and Susanna Olson, Flynn Center (Intermediate – Middle)

C3) Science and Theater led by Laura Botte, grade 6 teacher, Edmunds Middle School, and Joan Robinson, Flynn Center. (Intermediate – Middle)  


2:30- 3  Wrap-Up; Evaluations  (And for those who turn in their evaluations and are still present, a chance to win the FREE introductory Words Come Alive! package for your school and other door prizes!)  



Sponsored by Champlain Valley Educator Development Center.

CVEDC Members receive reduced rates to all sponsored workshops

Sign up TODAY!

When registering, for P.O. # or check number, type “pending”
Online registration deadline is one week before the workshop date.
Within one week, please contact school programs directly at 802 652-4508 to inquire about availability


December 9, 2013 4pm-6pm


Led by Kurt Wootton, co-founder of ArtsLiteracy at Brown University Click here to register. In this ArtsLiteracy workshop, presenter Kurt Wootton will introduce artists and teachers to the Performance Cycle, a framework for developing language and literacy developed at Brown University and featured in the book A Reason to Read: Linking Literacy and the Arts. Wootton will take artists and teachers through an “out of your seat” experience that will introduce a range of tools for teaching language and literacy in dynamic and creative ways. Many of these activities will be immediately transferable to classrooms in all subject areas and with all grade levels. In addition to an energetic workshop experience, Wootton will “pull back the curtain” to reveal the educational theory and research behind the experience and share concrete examples of ways this approach has been applied in school settings around the world. Artists and teachers will have the opportunity to reflect on the experience and to work collaboratively considering ways to adapt the approach to their own classrooms. A special emphasis will be placed on building a strong classroom community; teaching challenging material to students; and working with students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

January 15, 2014 4pm-6pm


Guided by members of Classical Theatre Project, participants explore the dynamic of performing Shakespeare rather than just reading the text.  Teachers participate in interactive exercises and learning games specifically created to improve comprehension and create relevant ties between students and Shakespeare's characters. By teaching students how to make Shakespeare’s language their own, the myth that Shakespeare is “difficult” or “boring” will be dispelled.


Flynn Center teaching artists draw on their extensive experience working in schools to introduce teachers to the elements of theater and dance and lead them to experience how movement and drama techniques can strengthen comprehension and deepen engagement. These workshops are suitable for in-service days, professional conferences, or after-school workshops, and can be tailored to specific curricular topics of your choice. Look at the list of topics listed below for ideas, or propose new ones. Fee varies with length. There is a mileage fee to/from for locations outside Chittenden County.

  • Novels Come Alive!
  • Red Clover Books Come Alive!
  • Reader’s Theater: A Class Act
  • Teaching Tolerance with Drama
  • Teaching and Learning in Role: History
  • Drama Activities that Enrich Student Writing
  • Dancing Poetry
  • Moving Math
  • Math Story Problems Live!
  • Science in Motion
  • Storytelling in the Classroom
  • Playwriting
  • Student-created Performances
  • Reflecting on Artistic Work

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