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“When the Flynn comes to our school, we’re happy!”

- Joey Bennink, Principal, North Hero Elementary School

When not busy welcoming students and teachers through the doors of the Flynn Center, the staff of the Flynn’s Education Department is connecting with students and teachers within school walls. Pursuing our mission to promote the performing arts as integral to school life, we work closely with teachers to discover effective ways to meet educational goals. The foundational principles of our school programs spring from a strong belief that all people are capable of developing their expressive skills. Though refined performances can be a part of our work with schools, the majority of our work focuses on the creative process and on providing dynamic structures that encourage student input and exploration. With students from pre-K to graduate level, we are continually affirmed by the power of the performing arts to engage students, strengthen comprehension, build community, raise individual self-esteem, and create joy.

The Flynn Center’s outreach has been furthered by grants from many prestigious organizations. Our signature professional development program, Words Come Alive, is recognized as one of four noteworthy models by the John F. Kennedy Center’s Changing Education Through the Arts program, and the Flynn is one of seven performing arts centers featured in the Dana Foundation’s ground-breaking publication, Acts of Achievement: The Role of Performing Arts Centers in Education.

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