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Press Documents

The Woskowmium: Where the Art Stops Opens in Amy E. Tarrant Gallery
Press Release: PDF or Word - published 2-12-15

Amy E. Tarrant Gallery Exhibition "Animal Power' Celebrates Vermont's Horsepower
Press Release: PDF or Word - published 11-18-14

Bennington College Dance Photo Exhibition in Amy E. Tarrant Gallery
Press Release: PDF or Word - published 9-2-14

Sara Bridgman Presents Character-based Oil Paintings
Press Release: PDF or Word - published 4-25-14

Kate Gridley’s Life-Sized Oil Portraits of Emerging Adults 
Press Release: PDF or Word - published 12-18-13

"Poster Riot": 32 Years of Performing Arts at the Flynn Opens in the Amy E. Tarrant Gallery

Online - released 10-22-13


Exhibit Information

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Artist Images

To download high resolution images (please read the Flynn Center copyright/usage permission statement prior to downloading) on a mac simply right click and choose "Save Link As..." or on a pc, right click and choose "Save Target As...". (Clicking on the thumbnail image results in an error in some cases, so please use the previous instructions for right clicking.) If you have difficulty please contact the marketing department for assistance at 802-652-4500

Samples of Work:

Dance at Bennington College: 80 Years of Moving Through
(September 12 through November 29, 2014)

    Martha Graham in Lift with Erick Hawkins     Martha Graham with Erick Hawkins     Martha Graham (r) with Doris Humphrey

Kate Gridley: "Passing Through: Portraits of Emerging Adults"
(January 10 through April 12, 2014)

   "Annabelle" by Kate Gridley"Mihir" by Kate Gridley"Danny" by Kate Gridley"Kamal" by Kate Gridley

"Poster Riot"
(November 8, 2013 through January 4, 2014)

Poster Riot collage   



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