At Your Service: The House Manager is responsible for the overall front-of-house operation. A Flynn Spirit (dressed in white and black) can direct patrons who have questions or concerns to this Flynn representative.

Late Arrivals: Late arrivals will not be seated until a suitable break in the performance, and at the discretion of the house manager and/or artist.

Re-entering the Building: Patrons who leave the building during the performance (including intermission) must show their ticket stubs when re-entering.

Children: Any child one year old or older attending a performance must have a ticket and a separate seat. Infants (children 12 months and under) are welcome to Flynn family events and performances specifically geared to children and will be admitted free of charge. If any infant or young child is disrupting a performance, the Flynn reserves the right to ask a parent to sit with the child in the rear of the theater, or, if need be, to leave the hall.

Blocking Aisles: Fire safety codes prohibit the blocking of aisles. Ushers can store your personal belongings safely and securely during performances.

Refreshments: No food or beverages are allowed inside the theater with the exception of bottled water purchased at the Flynn concession stand.

Restrooms: Restrooms are located on the lower level in the rear of the theater, reached by both the left and right staircases. Two wheelchair accessible restrooms are available on the main floor off the lobby.

Cameras, Tape Recorders, Pagers, Cell Phones, and Watches: Cameras and tape recorders may not be used during any performance. Artist contracts require violators to be removed from the theater and be liable for damages or injury. Audible paging devices, cell phones, and watches must be turned off during performances. Please refrain from opening such devices as well, as light can provide a disturbance to other patrons during a performance.

Fragrances: Please avoid the use of perfumes and fragrances when coming to the theater, as an increasing number of people have allergies to scents. If the perfume of another patron disturbs you, please notify an usher or the house manager and we will attempt to relocate you to another seat.

Smoking: The Flynn Center is a smoke-free building.

Weapons: The safety and well-being of our patrons, artists, and staff are of the utmost importance. To ensure a safe venue for all, the possession of firearms, fireworks, explosives, incendiary devices, knives, or weapons of any kind is prohibited at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts’ property and facilities, except those carried by law enforcement officers who are on duty. All Flynn Center visitors and their belongings, such as bags or purses, are subject to search and enforcement, and anyone found in violation will be asked to secure the weapon inside their vehicle or at home or leave the property immediately. No ticket returns, refunds or exchanges will be made for people found in violation of the Flynn Center’s weapons ban. 

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