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Engaging Active Learners VIII:

8th Annual Teacher Conference Engaging Active Learners VIII: Transferable Skills & Performing Arts Integration with guest artist Paige Hernandez

  • Wednesday, December 13, 8 am-3 pm
  • Flynn Center
  • $70 per Registrant
  • Limit:

Objective: GET CREDIT for individual professional development plans!To support Vermont teachers’ Individual Professional Development Plans and teaching artists’ professional learning through the hands-on presentation of model arts integration lessons that support K-12 students’ development of cross-curricula transferable skills as prioritized and articulated by the State Agency of Education: communication, collaboration, creativity, innovation, inquiry, problem solving, and use of technology.

• There are two tracks: elementary and secondary.
• Both include a humanities and a sciences based workshop.
• All are co-taught by a Flynn teaching artist and teacher partner.
• All see the live performance by Paige Hernandez and all take the workshop with Paige.
• A unique opportunity to hear about the Vermont Learning for the Future Consortium.


Secondary Track:

Workshop 1:
Civil Rights History Comes Alive
Created & facilitated by: Sam Nelson, Shelburne Community School Teacher, and Joan Robinson, Flynn Center Teaching Artist

Participants will explore American racism expressed through Jim Crow laws and in Mildred Taylor’s Newbery Award-winning historical novel Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, set in Mississippi in 1933.  Viewing photos of segregation signs will lead to imagining settings where participants will then create original scenes to bring this difficult era to life.

Workshop 2:
Shine a Light on Scientific Innovation through Theater
Created & facilitated by: Lindsey Halman, Essex Middle School Teacher & Amy Riley, Flynn Center Teaching Artist

How do innovation and imagination lead to invention? How can the power of a single story can inspire young people to make change? This workshop will explore the use of the text The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a springboard for creative problem solving and design thinking in a weather and climate unit. Learners used arts integration to develop a deep understanding of the science content, as well as the VT Transferrable Skills to develop their own innovation, invention or campaign to address the goal of Climate Action.

Elementary Track

Workshop 1:
Activate Imagination to Deepen Reading Comprehension
Created & facilitated by: Jenny Norris, Integrated Arts Academy & Susanna Olson, Flynn Center Teaching Artist

How might elementary students use their bodies, voices and imaginations to help them infer the thoughts and feelings of characters in a text?  Using Jacqueline Woodson’s popular text Each Kindness, this theater workshop details a simple yet powerful process to inspire empathy and help children give voice to multiple perspectives in any story.

Workshop 2:
Dramatizing Earth Systems, Processes that Shape the Earth
Created & facilitated by: Created and led by Pam Cyr Shelburne Community School Teacher and Joan Robinson, Flynn Center Teaching Artist

Participants will portray the causes and effects of weathering and erosion on landforms such as rainwater hollowing out caves and tree roots splitting rocks.  They will be guided to work together to physicalize their understanding of these different processes. 


Vermont Learning for the Future Consortium Panel re Arts/Design Ecosystem
Are you working for equity, engagement, and better ways to teach and learn? Vermont Learning for the Future is an emergent, collective impact project composed of education professionals across the state dedicated to building a more just, joyful and sustainable future for our students and their communities. A panel presentation will occur during lunch to share and discuss the opportunity to attend "Design Studio Labs” to be held across the state. The Labs will focus on curriculum design and partnerships to integrate the three pillars of Act 77 (Flexible Pathways) into every school through the lens arts integration.

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